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HERMES is the latest sneaker introduced in the ICONS Collection, but in reality there has always been. The nude and clean white with a touch of blue in the laces celebrates the essence of classic porcelain through the unusual shapes of a sneaker dedicated to the messenger par excellence: the Greek god Hermes.

According to tradition, he was given by Zeus the famous winged cap, the "petaso", and a pair of winged boots, the "talari", so that he could fulfill the orders of Zeus faster. Winged sandals are popularly associated with Hermes and refer to the concept of agility, movement and speed. Mythology tells that these sandals were made by Hephaestus, the artisan of the gods who made them that allowed the god to fly as high and fast as any bird.

Our sneaker, metaphor in the metaphor, celebrates this iconography that has often been borrowed from the world of sport and athletics and lends itself to become iconic in its simplicity and chromatic simplicity.

HERMES: Sneaker in fine Capodimonte porcelain made and hand painted in Italy.


Icons is the COLLECTION par excellence that reworks one of the fetishes of contemporary street culture, the SNEAKER, and crystallizes it into a timeless object.

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